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For Accountants by accountants

Creating Solutions For Accounting and Finance Teams

Teams  that connect data across the organization into simple
and intuitive reporting environment


Built for today’s pace of business

Speedy Implementation, seamless, collaboration, collected data and enhanced governance are only a few things that we do that make us ideal modern FP&A soloution for finance teams and businesses.

For Accountants , By Accountants

Kootio was controller-founded with the focus on the pain points that accountants face on a day- to-day basis. Manual entry, unnecessary Excel gymnastics, unconnected data sourses. Our solution empowers Accounting and Finance Organizations overcome to continuously improves

“I really like the program. The reports & analysis that I can create with Power Report are much more robust and useful. It has and will continue to save hours each month.”

-Kelly Willits
Barquin International

“This software is perfect for our emerging market. The price-point and innovative technology makes it easy and desirable by our end users"

-Nehemiah Attique
Hatua Solutions

“Power Report is easy to use the learning curve is not to be feared. Functionality and flexibility in my reports and analytics can not be matched.”

-Chris Harris
CFO, Acclaim Service

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Ready To Get Started?

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